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Decorate your walls!!!

Whether it is a small staircase only needing a border or a whole restaurant that needs to be themed: this is the website for you. I will be happy to use all my creativity and painting skills to make your vision come true.

To have a hand painted mural, sign, furniture or canvas is more affordable than you would think and it will give you a unique
personalized piece of art that will be exactly what you want.

How does it work?

Please get in touch by phone or e-mail so we can have a short conversation about your ideas.

We will then make an appointment for me to see the area you would like to have decorated.

At this visit we can discuss in detail what you would like and I will then present you with some
ideas, pictures etc., on a bigger project I will even provide you with sketches and/or drawings of the theme.

At this point I will be able to give you an estimate on the price depending on how many hours it will take and how much detail is needed.

This first visit is free of charge.

Let me give you a cost indication

Average painting on canvas 40x75 cm: 150 euros.
A small mural:                                   150 euros
Average wall:                                     250-300 euros.
Travel expenses (including first visit), my home base is Utrecht.
My clients are requested to pay 1/4 of the agreed amount upfront and the remaining sum when the jobs done.

Please find above some of my previous projects including the total cost.
If you are left with any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


        150 euros                                  300 euros                         600 euros                                 

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